dotnet core

.NET Core 是.NET Framework的新一代版本,是微软开发的第一个跨平台 的应用程序开发框架,未来也将会支持FreeBSD 与 Alpine 平台。.Net Core也是微软在一开始发展时就开源的软件平台,它经常也会拿来和现有的开源.NET 平台 Mono 比较。

C# 库

RabbitMQ : MassTransitA free, open-source distributed application framework for .NET.EasyNetQ - An easy .NET API for RabbitMQEasyNetQ An easy to use .NET API for RabbitMQAn easy .NET API for RabbitMQMike Hadlow

ASP.NET Core Cannot access a disposed object

System.ObjectDisposedException:“Cannot access a disposed object. A common cause of this error is disposing a context that was resolved from dependency injection and then later trying to use the same context instance